I'm a Freelancer / International Worker, how do I Set Up Bitwage?

If you're a freelancer or international worker living in a different country than your clients, see the steps below for invoicing:

Step by Step guide:

1. To get started go through the Setup Wizard.

Approval typically occurs within 1-2 business days after having submitted the application. (in-depth here)

2. Set up where to have funds allocated and how much coming to Bitwage you want converted into Crypto, Stablecoins or local currency. Bitwage does not store funds as they're sent directly to your wallet or bank of your choice. (in-depth here)

3. Add your client by going to Invoicing in the main dashboard. (in depth here)

4.  Click on  Create Invoice and input all necessary info to access bank details for your clients.

You can now preview, download and email the invoice to your clients in PDF format.

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