How do I set up my direct deposit in Bitwage?

If you receive regular direct deposits from your employer to your bank, this is how you'll get part or all of your wage in Bitcoin

Step-by-step guide

Once approved to use our system for direct deposit and logging into, make sure you have the correct view. At the top right you should see your name and Direct Deposit.


If you see Invoicing or the name of a company, you are in the wrong view and you can switch by clicking your name - Profile & Accounts.

At the bottom of your screen you’ll see the option to switch and an explanation of the different account types. Select Direct Deposit.

Once you are sure you have the correct view, you can select Distributions at the top of your screen to set up where you receive your payroll.

Press + Distribution to add distributions. You can then select Digital Currency to add a BTC address or Bank Transfer if you’ve already added a bank under Profiles & Accounts.


Non-premium users can add up to two distributions and premium users three.

Once your distributions are set select contracts at the top of your screen. Click + Add Contract and you’ll see this screen:

add contract

Here our company is EntireCorp and the payroll provider is ADP. If you don’t know your company’s payroll provider (i.e. Paychex, ADP) or bank, you can just repeat your company’s information.

Once you click save, click the contract to view it and then press Get Bank details. Here you’ll fill in how much you expect to get through Bitwage. In this case $175 out of a net $1967.33 salary. We recommend doing set amounts rather than a percentage of salary for simplicity’s sake. If your salary varies and you do want to do a percentage, just estimate the amount and confirm the amount with when the first deposit goes out. In the contract field, you can corroborate the source of the funds with an employment contract or recent paystubs.


Click Get USD Bank Details and you’re ready to receive your Bitwage!

bank details

Just fill out a direct deposit form with these details and instructions to send a certain amount or percentage to Bitwage. You can even do 100% and choose your mix of local currency and crypto currency at the Bitwage level rather than at the payroll level.

Direct deposit is done, in the US via ACH and in the EU via SEPA and is therefore not subject to incoming wire fees. There are no fees to receive local currencies to Bitwage and be paid in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

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