Getting started through the Setup Wizard

There are 5 crucial steps to complete the Setup when signing up for an individual account. If skipped, you'll see a reminder every time you log into the platform.

Step by Step guide:

1. When adding an Employer or Client:

a. Select if you're getting set as an Employee or Contractor:

b. Choose the currency your are paid in:

c. Enter your Employer/Client details. In this case as we're setting the account as an employee it prompts us to enter our Employer info:

2. When allocating your income:

a. Input the 2FA verification code once having entered your wallet address or bank account:

3. When Completing your profile: 

a. Include your personal information to move forward:

4. When verifying your identity:

a. Upload the required documents making sure they are viewable and in a high quality format.

a. Check and confirm all previous steps and when done a green check will pop up. 

In this case we set a Bitwage employee that receives a USD salary and allocates funds 100% into a Bitcoin wallet.

This is how your account will show once you're done with the Setup Wizard.

Once approved, you'll see this notification as you log in. 

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