Invoicing Internal Employers on the Bitwage Platform

How to invoice your employer who is onboarded to Bitwage.

Step-by-step guide

This tutorial will explain invoicing your employer who is on the Bitwage platform. It assumes that you’ve already set your distributions for that employer.

Once your wallet is added you can invoice your employer and they can also pay you at any time if you prefer to invoice them off of the platform.

Your first step will be to make sure you’re in the correct view. This is the view for worker Frank, who wishes to invoice EntireCorp. If instead of your company’s name you see "Invoicing or “Direct Deposit,” you can switch to the correct view by going to your name and Profiles & Accounts. Then at the bottom left you can switch the Worker Product to Team Wages.


Now click on Invoices at the top of your screen to get started. + NEW INVOICE will initiate the process.


Here we’re invoicing for a logo design and 37 hours of front end design at $20.88 per hour. After adding both line items and setting a due date, just press Create Invoice to submit.

This is what your next screen will look like:

Your employer will be alerted of the invoice and will proceed to pay it on their account.

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