Paying multiple employees within the same payroll

When paying multiple employees via ACH credit or wire transfer, it helps us if all employees are included in one payroll which is then funded with one payment from the Employer. Creating multiple payrolls and then funding with one transfer could lead to confusion on both sides.

Step-by-step guide

Here are the steps to create multi-person payrolls for

  1. Start on your order page, usually the default page, or accessible through the company menu - orders & invoices. You'll see all your workers who have selected their distributions and are therefor payable. Put the amount to pay in each box next to their name and role. In this case $10,000, $800, and $564.65, respectively. 
  2. Click Create Payroll order to create one payroll for a total of $11,364.65
  3. You have now created the payroll order. Now select your payment method, in this case Local transfer (ACH credit) or Wire Transfer.
  4. Should you select Wire Transfer, a pop up will display our Wire details (not shown here). You'll wire the $11,365.65 to that account to fund the payroll.
  5. After noting the account details and wire decription, you can press Confirm Wire. 

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