Invoicing External Employers

To Invoice external employers (clients who are not signed up directly to Bitwage) you must first be approved for external invoices.

To access the bank details needed to invoice external employers, go to Contracts at the top of your screen then click the + Contract option:

You will then be prompted to enter in the employer’s information. Fill it out to the best of your knowledge, but if you don’t know payroll provider, you can repeat the employer information.

It will then be available under Contracts.

The screen for a particular contract looks like this. You can see previous invoices made for this employer or conform the bank details for that invoice by pressing the date created and New Invoice to make a new one (let us know what amount to expect from your employer and what work it’s related to).

You are now done. When your employer sends the funds to the bank account provided, we’ll convert to your chosen distribution(s).

If you’re using the invoicing product (invoicing for different amounts each time), you’ll do this every time. For Direct Deposit users, you’ll have to make just one invoice.

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