Two-Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication is an authentication method that requires your account credentials be verified by your login name and password in your web browser as well as a secondary platform that is not your browser. This is meant to further secure your account from would-be attackers.

Bitwage uses two-factor authentication to secure all account logins and distribution changes. This is a feature we felt was necessary to keep your account safe and your payrolls under your control. We have three options for Two-Factor Authentication:

SMS, Bitwage Authenticator, and Google Authenticator

1. SMS

Bitwage by default sends an access code via SMS Text Message to your mobile phone.

Note, this method is less secure because a hacker can port your number away from your carrier by social engineering.
You can turn off SMS Text Messages in Security & Accounts in the left sidebar to increase your security. You must add Google or Bitwage Authenticator to turn off SMS.

2. Bitwage Authenticator (IOS or Android)

The Bitwage iOS and Android Apps have an authenticator feature that allows you to instantly login to the Bitwage website by clicking on an Approve button on the app.

You can download the Bitwage iOS 64 or Android 171 App on your mobile. Every time you login you will receive a push notification to your mobile device to direct you to the Bitwage App to login. If you are not receiving a push notification, make sure to re-download the app.

Please note that when using Bitwage Authenticator, you will still need SMS or Google Authenticator when logging into the Bitwage iOS or Android apps.

Authy replaced with in-app Authenticator User Questions

You may be wondering why your Authy app is no longer working as a source of Two Factor Authentication. We have recently switched to a native, in-app solution called Bitwage Authenticator. Whether you use the iOS app or Android app, you can now use Bitwage Authentication for logging in and distribution changes. See more: Once you are prompted on the website for two factor authentication, open up …

3. Google Authenticator (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, OS X, Chrome)

Bitwage also supports Google Authenticator TOTP 423. Google provides Android 70 and iOS 32 versions, and there also are Chrome Extensions, Windows, Linux, and OS X options available from third parties.

Advanced Users: Enabling Google Authenticator User Questions

Google Authenticator uses a secret code to generate one-time passwords every 30 seconds, and is much more secure than SMS. We recommend all users disable SMS and use either Google Authenticator or our own native app-based solution. To set up Google Authenticator: Sign in to your account using SMS for 2-Factor authentication. If you cannot receive SMS messages, we can provide you with 10 backup codes to use. Navigate to the “Security & Alerts” section found on the left side-bar Click on…

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