Processing W-2 Wages and payroll taxes with Crypto

Through a Partnership with Simply Efficient HR, Bitwage companies have to ability to fund US payrolls with tax withholding and benefits for W2 employees in Bitcoin and Ether.

This is all possible through our partner Simply Efficient HR.

To get started, sign up to and then reach out to for concierge handling with Simply Efficient HR. Once your Bitwage and Simply Efficient HR accounts are created, here is how to fund your payrolls:

1) Invite as a "Contractor" to your company.
2) Once invoiced by Simply Efficient HR for Payroll, accept the invoice on Bitwage.
3) Choose funding options, including BTC, ETH, Credit Card, Wire and ACH and fund. 

Bitwage needs the funds by 9am PST the day prior to safely ensure timely deposits to Simply Efficient HR.

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