Linking Uphold and Bitwage

Bitwage no longer supports direct linking to Uphold, which was used as an easy way to get Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and other Uphold assets as easily as you receive Bitcoin through Bitwage. However, you can still use Uphold in tandem with Bitwage with only one extra step. 

Follow these steps to receive any Uphold asset through Bitwage:

1. Log into Uphold and select add Card/currency

2. Once created select your card (in this example, Gold)

3. Within the card, select Add Funds

4. Choose the Fund With Cryptocurrency or Utility Token Option

5. Select the Bitcoin option and get your Bitcoin funding address.

6. In Bitwage enter the Uphold funding address as as a Digital Distribution. This will send Bitcoin to your currency card and fund the asset automatically. 

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