How To Get Paid in Indian Rupees With Bitwage

It's difficult to find payment avenues for India and even more difficult for companies who want to pay a variety of workers globally distributed including in India. Bitwage makes it easy via a partnership with Giottus. Here's how to set up your distribution in Bitwage to be paid in Indian Rupees. You'll need both a Bitwage and Giottus account to use this payment method.

Step-by-step guide

1. Sign up for Giottus at Email and phone number are required.

At registration you must enter the bitwage referral code "GIOBITWAGE".

2. Upload required documents to the KYC module inside of Giottus and add your Indian bank to your Giottus account.

3. Next go to the Bitwage Dashboard to get your Bitwage Giottus Bitcoin address. All Bitwage customers will have a special Dashboard for their Bitwage payments. This page will have the deposit address that needs to be shared with Bitwage for processing your payments.

This page will also have details of Bitwage payments made to you and status of each transaction. Kindly share this BTC address only to Bitwage. This address should not used for your normal trades and should be shared only to Bitwage.

After retrieving your Bitwage/Giottus deposit address, return to Bitwage.

4. Worker View

First you should ensure you are in the correct view. Under your name in the top right it should say 1) Your company’s name (here EntireCorp), if you work for a company onboarded to the Bitwage platform and plan to be paid by them directly on Bitwage. 2) Invoicing if you’re a contractor who bills your employer varying amounts. These are what the views look like.


If you are not seeing the correct view, click your name and Profile & Accounts to change the product. At the bottom left you’ll see the toggle menu to change the product.

You can switch between Team Wages, Invoicing, and Direct Deposit. If you were invited to use Bitwage by your company and you already see their name under yours, there's no need to change anything.
5.  Go to your Distributions menu at the top of your page

Click + ADD DISTRIBUTION you’ll see your options.

Two-factor authentication will be required to add any distribution.

To add your Giottuss Address select Digital Currency, enter your Giottus/Bitwage address and you're ready to be paid!

NOTE: Funds sent to Giottus's special Bitwage address will automatically be converted to rupees and withdrawn to your bank without further action on your part and minimal exposure to Bitcoin price volatility.

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