Linking Bitwage and Hubstaff

Assuming you have a Hubstaff account and a Bitwage employer account set up with invited workers. Do the following:

1. Link a credit card or bank account (for debits, must be verified) (Profile & Accounts in left sidebar)

In the right tab: (Employer Linked Accounts):

click on + New Payment Method and in the modal click on + Link your credit card or bank account
2. Set credit card or ACH debit as your default payment method.

Under profile and Accounts

click on the drop down  Default Payment Method and select credit_card:

3. Connect your Bitwage account with your Hubstaff account

Once you’ve set up your employer account and invited your users, you’ll need to connect your Bitwage account to your Hubstaff payroll.

To get started with Payroll in your Hubstaff account, you can click on the up arrow next to your name, then click on ¨Payment Accounts¨, then click on the “Add default payment account (a premium plan is required).

payment account 1

payment account 2

You’ll be taken to where you can connect your Bitwage account.

4. Pay Workers through Hubstaff User Interface.
Here are the fees and limits for this option. NOTE: Employers using Hubstaff have Credit Card Limits of 500/Week rather than 500/Month.

Here are the fees for each automatic payment method, the only methods available for the integration:

Funding Payrolls with ACH Debit: 0.50% + .50 USD per payroll

Funding Payrolls with Credit Card: 3.50% + .30 USD per payroll

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