How To Add Employees and Create a Payroll In Team Wages

You (employer logged into invite the contractor or employee by going to the company dropdown menu at the top right of your screen. In this case our company is called EntireCorp and the admin Frank. Under ENTIRECORP, we’ll select Workers.

Entire workers

Then you add your worker (Petre) by entering their email and role:


Petre will then receive an invitation. If he is not a user of bitwage, then he will click on the link and sign up through the link. If he is a user he’ll be automatically added to your roster and notified via email. Now Petre will need to set his distribution. Here is a tutorial you may share with employees.

At this point when the employees have accepted the invite and are ready to be paid, you'll see their wallets set to green:

Both these employees are ready to be paid. If you're processing payments through Hubstaff or only want payments processed automatically your next step is to go to to Company menu - Profile and accounts and set your Default Payment Method to ACH debit or credit card (you can link these under the same page):

Now whenever the employer wants to pay the employee, they can click click on Orders in the company dropdown and select Orders (this is also the default page):

Entire workers

Then in the next screen enter the amount (in your default paymet currency) you want to pay the employee. You can enter amounts in several rows to combine smultiple payments into one payroll.

The last step is to choose your method of payment to fund the payroll. Here is the process for each.
Local Bank Transfer - Get bank details from Bitwage and send us the funds to fund the payroll
Wire Transfer - Get bank details from Bitwage and send us the funds
ACH debit - bank is debited by Bitwage
Credit card - card is instantly funded via charge

Bitcoin or Ethereum - Instructions will appear with an address where the crypto can be sent.

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