How to Get Paid in Pesos via and Bitwage

Step-by-step guide

How to receive your Bitwage payroll via

  1. Set up an account at This is a Bitcoin exchange, but you can fund your peso wallet on Coins via Bitcoin received from Bitwage. There's no need to know how to use Bitcoin at all. Make sure you do identity verification with coins to have you account fully functional.
  2. Grab your peso wallet Bitcoin address from Coins. When Bitcoin is sent to this address, it will arrive in the form of pesos to your Peso Wallet.
  3. Add your Peso wallet Bitcoin address to Bitwage as a Digital Currency Distribution and you're all set.

Step two after setting up your Coins account

Click the QR code to get the address.

Copy this address. (Never copy a Bitcoin address manually. Always copy and paste.)

Step Three: Here's how to add it as a digital currency distribution:

Now Bitwage will pay you into your Pesos wallet in Coins, which will automatically convert to pesos.

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