How do I set up my Direct Deposit in Bitwage?

If you live in the same country than your Employer and receive regular direct deposits to your bank, this is how you'll get part or all of your wage in Crypto, Stablecoins or local currency.

Step-by-step guide

1. Once approved for an account, log into and go to Payroll in the main dashboard.

2. Click on  Employers and if you don't see them listed, go ahead and add them as a new entry:

3.  The Add + Icon on the top right will then enable you to select the input currency:

4. For this example we're adding an employer that pays in USD and select that he pays via ACH. 

5.  To get the bank details for your employer, click on “view” in the Employer List section under Bank Details where you're also able to download a voided check.

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