What are the Fees to use Bitwage?

There are no fees for Bitwage's base services which are receiving your wage in crypto (BTC, BCH, ETH) as an individual user and, for employers, paying workers on the platform via wire or bank transfer. 

Here's a breakdown of fees for other services:

Being Paid through Bitwage:

Local Currency Distribution: 1% per bank deposit except if subscribed to Bitwage Premium
CAD distribution: 1% per deposit + $1 USD per transfer except if subscribed to Bitwage Premium 
Incoming Wire Fee: $10 USD per payroll except if subscribed to Bitwage Premium


  • USDC: 2% + $15 fee per USDC payment (flat fee does not apply to Premium Users). 
  • DAI: 2% + $15 fee per DAI payment (flat fee does not apply to Premium Users). 
  • cUSD: 2% and no flat fee

Team Wages:

Funding Payrolls with ACH Debit: 0.50% + .50 USD per payroll

Funding Payrolls with Credit Card: 3.50% + .30 USD per payroll

Premium Subscriptions:

Team Wages Premium: $7.99 per worker per month

Premium for Individuals: $15.99 per month

In addition to eliminating the bank output fee, Premium gets you Bitcoin from External Employers the same day. It does not affect timing for Team Wages transactions.

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