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How to set up Bitwage with AirBnB

This article will explain how to get paid in Bitcoin from Airbnb.


  1. Choose Country (within Airbnb): When setting up payouts on Airbnb, choose the USA under 'País o región de facturación’
  2. Select Bank Account (within Airbnb): Under the different payout options, select 'Bank account'
  3. Set up Payouts (within Airbnb): Choose checking and fill in the USA banking details provided to you by us in your Bitwage dashboard
  4. Tax (within Airbnb): If asked about tax, choose W-8BEN.
  5. Test Payment: Airbnb may send a test micropayment to our account, which should not require any action on your end
  6. Invoice: To receive payment, you need to create an invoice through our platform for the expected amount you will receive from Airbnb. You will be able to see the exact amount once the guest checks in.
  7. How to Invoice Airbnb? To invoice Airbnb, log in to your Bitwage dashboard, go to Invoicing, and then create an invoice.
  8. Select Client: On the invoicing page, select Airbnb as your client. If Airbnb is not listed as a client, you can add it under the Clients section.
  9. Details of the Invoice: Enter a description (e.g. Feb 6-12), Quantity (put 1), and Unit price (put the final Airbnb payment amount that you were notified about when the guests checked in).
  10. Wait for Payment: Once we receive payment from Airbnb, we will process it and send it to you according to your distribution settings.

If you get stuck anywhere, please reach out to us for assistance at support@bitwage.com.