Can I send test payments?

If you're new to using Bitwage and want to test the platform by sending a small payment, here are some frequently asked questions about sending test payments

Q: Can I send test payments with Bitwage? 

A: Yes, you can send test payments with Bitwage. However, you need to inform our support team you are doing so. Also, do not send a test payment from a personal account. We can only accept test payments from Business accounts. Personal accounts may be rejected.

Q: What should I do before sending test payments with Bitwage? 

A: If you're planning to send test payments with Bitwage, you need to let our support team know in advance. This is particularly important if you're planning to send test payments under $10, as we do not process payments under this amount. By letting our support team know about your test payments, we can make sure that you are notified of a successful transfer.

Q: How do I let Bitwage's support team know that I'm sending test payments? 

A: You can contact Bitwage's support team through our website or by emailing Let them know that you are planning to send test payments and provide them with the necessary details, such as the payment amount, the currency, and the recipient.

Q: What happens if I send a test payment without notifying Bitwage? 

A: If you send a test payment below $10 without notifying Bitwage, it will not be processed. If we are unable to identify the payment it will not be marked received and go unclaimed.