1. FAQs
  2. Can I use Bitwage?

My employees want to be paid in Bitcoin. Can I use your service?

Yes, there are a couple of ways to go about this:


  1. Our bitWAGE Business product. This is our full service product for paying employees and contractors all over the world and giving them flexibility over their distribution methods. This is strictly on a post-tax basis and withholdings aren’t calculated. However, if you don’t think everyone wants most of their wages in Bitcoin, other options would make more sense…
  2. Our Direct Deposit product is used by employees all over the world whose employers don’t even know they are receiving wages in Bitcoin. There is no cost associated with your employees using Bitwage for part or all of their salary. If you’d like to keep your payroll provider (i.e. ADP), your employees can simply get bank details from us to give to the payroll department or enter into an online system themselves. Many people enter us in as an extra bank account where they get $100 from each check immediately converted into Bitcoin. This allows your employee to be paid in Bitcoin without the employer having to worry about tax implications or buying digital currency. If you’d like to be more involved however…

Team Wages Premium

Our standard service offers next business day conversion of wages into Bitcoin (and other currencies). For $15.99 USD a month, users can receive the converted currency the same business day. However, as part of Team Wages a company can opt to pay for Premium for their employees for only $7.99 a month per user. This is a way for employers to offer an incentive on top of the service we already provide to workers all over the world.

If you just want your employees to use Bitwage to get part of their wage in Bitcoin, let them know to sign up at worker.bitwage.com. If you’d like to add value to the proposition, go to team.bitwage.com to sign up and then invite them at their Bitwage emails to give them the premium service.