1. FAQs
  2. Can I use Bitwage?

My payment platform on Deel/Airbnb/Payoneer requires the bank account to be under my own name. Can Bitwage provide that?

Yes! You can receive ACH payments in your name.

How do I obtain this account with bank details in my name?

  1. Go through normal bitwage onboarding
  2. Create a client or employer
  3. Click "view" under the bank details column (for employer)
  4. Create invoice and scroll down to funding details section
  5. Click "Apply" button on the ACH tab*
  6. Go through application process, submit real data**
  7. Wait for approval or rejection (takes 10 minutes)
  8. If rejected, try applying again
  9. If approved, you can view the new bank details

*Our partner does a separate onboarding and document verification to assign the individual accounts

**This feature is limited to some locations. Check here what are the options available in case you are in one of those locations.

What can I expect when my client or employer sends ACH to Bitwage?

Once funds are received, you will get a notification via email the funds have been received by our partner. The next step is Bitwage processing your payments and sending to your bank account/crypto wallet according to your allocations.

What are the benefits of unique account USD ACH bank details in my name?


  • Accounts in your name: You can now receive payments directly under your own beneficiaries’ name, streamlining the payment experience.


  • Faster notifications when funds are received: Bitwage is programmatically integrated into it’s new banking partner, so we can notify you as soon as we receive funds.


  • Faster & More Reliable Transactions: By offering unique depository accounts, Bitwage is able to reconcile transactions instantly to your account, which means less time requesting updates on transaction status.


  • Connect Bitwage to any freelance and payroll platforms: Our new ACH banking partner enables you to receive payments from popular platforms that include:
    • Upwork
    • Deel
    • Freelancer.com
    • Remote
    • Wise
    • Payoneer
    • Fiverr
    • Toptal
    • Gigster
    • Gusto 
    • ADP
    • Airbnb
    • Uber
    • Lyft
    • and many more!