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Transfers from Personal Accounts

Bitwage cannot accept transfers from accounts in the name of an individual

As a payroll and invoicing service, Bitwage cannot facilitate transfers between individuals, individuals transferring to themselves, or individuals transferring to businesses using personal bank accounts. 

This means that a Bitwage user cannot invoice an individual, even if it's for a business purpose. This is determined by the remitting bank account owner. For example, we cannot receive a payment from an account under Jose Alvarez, it must be Jose Alvarez Design SL. 

You also cannot invoice yourself, even if payments originated from a business payment, they cannot come from a personal account (Wise or Paypal) to Bitwage. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept from business bank accounts that may be in the name of a sole proprietor, as the name on the bank account is the only metric we have to go by. 

Personal transfers which have to be return at the cost of Bitwage's time will incur a fee of $20 or €15.

(Bitwage T&C 2.8-2.9)