What is my Tax ID?

Bitwage asks for a user's tax ID as part of verification, but what is it in different countries?

As part of Bitwage's verification process, we will request your tax identification number. In the United States, this typically refers to an individual's Social Security Number (SSN) or a company's Employer Identification Number (EIN). For other countries, please utilize the equivalent identification number. We have compiled a list from online sources that provides the closest equivalents for a select number of countries. If your country is not included in the list, you can simply search online for the "equivalent of a Social Security (or Employer Identification) number in [country]," and the search results should yield the number we require!

United States: Social Security Number (SSN) and Employer Identification Number (EIN)
Argentina: National Identification Number (Documento Nacional de Identidad) and Tax Identification Number (Clave Única de Identificación Tributaria) 
China: Resident Identity Card (RIC) and Unified Social Credit Code (USCC)
Japan: Individual Number (My Number) and Corporate Number (CN)
Germany: Social Security Number (Sozialversicherungsnummer) and Tax Identification Number (Steuernummer)
India: Aadhaar Number and Permanent Account Number (PAN)
United Kingdom: National Insurance Number (NINO) and Company Registration Number (CRN)
France: National Identification Number (Numéro de Sécurité Sociale) and SIREN Number
Canada: Social Insurance Number (SIN) and Business Number (BN)
Italy: Fiscal Code (Codice Fiscale) and VAT Number (Partita IVA)
Brazil: Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (CPF) and Cadastro Nacional da Pessoa Jurídica (CNPJ)
Australia: Tax File Number (TFN) and Australian Business Number (ABN)
South Korea: Resident Registration Number (RRN) and Business Registration Number (BRN)
Mexico: Registro Federal de Contribuyentes (RFC) and Registro Federal de Contribuyentes (RFC)
Spain: National Identification Number (Número de Identificación Fiscal) and Tax Identification Number (Número de Identificación de Extranjero)
Indonesia: National Identification Number (Nomor Induk Kependudukan) and Taxpayer Identification Number (Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak)
Saudi Arabia: National Identification Number (Iqama) and Commercial Registration Number (CR)
Netherlands: Citizen Service Number (Burgerservicenummer) and Chamber of Commerce Number (KvK-nummer)
Turkey: Turkish Identification Number (T.C. Kimlik Numarası) and Tax Identification Number (Vergi Kimlik Numarası)
Switzerland: Swiss Social Security Number (AHV-Nummer) and Business Identification Number (UID)
Poland: PESEL Number and REGON Number
Sweden: Personal Identity Number (Personnummer) and Organization Number (Organisationsnummer)

The following list has just the individual tax IDs:

Norway: National Identification Number (Fødselsnummer)
Belgium: National Register Number (Rijksregisternummer/Numéro de Registre National)
Ireland: Personal Public Service Number (PPS Number)
Israel: Teudat Zehut (Identity Card Number)
United Arab Emirates: Emirates ID Number
Thailand: Thai Citizen ID Card Number
Venezuela: Cédula de Identidad
Nigeria: National Identification Number (NIN)
Egypt: National Identification Number
Austria: Sozialversicherungsnummer (Social Insurance Number)
Singapore: National Registration Identity Card (NRIC)
Bangladesh: National Identification Number (NID)
Vietnam: Citizen Identification Number (CIN)
Malaysia: National Registration Identity Card (NRIC)
South Africa: South African Identity Number (ID Number)
Philippines: Social Security System Number (SSS Number)
Denmark: CPR Number (Central Person Register Number)
Pakistan: Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
Hong Kong: Hong Kong Identity Card (HKID)
Colombia: Cédula de Ciudadanía
Romania: Personal Numeric Code (CNP)
Chile: Rol Único Tributario (RUT)
Czechia: Rodné číslo (Birth Number)
Finland: Personal Identity Code (Henkilötunnus)
Portugal: Número de Identificação Fiscal (NIF)