All About Invoices

Here you will find all you need to know about how invoicing works and the importance of creating an invoice in our system.

Do I need to create an invoice?

Yes! Invoices let Bitwage know you are expecting a payment, how much the payment will be, and who will be sending this payment. If you get a payment and we don't have a matching invoice we cannot guarantee it will be matched and you risk delaying your payment. Always create an invoice when getting paid by a new employer or client. Instructions on make an invoice can be found here.

Does bank account info change?

All payments paid in the same currency will have the same account info.

I have my own invoicing system, do I need to email the invoice?

No, you do not need to email the invoice. After creation you have the option to download, email, or simply save. If you don't want to email the invoice to your client or employer please save in system so we know you are expecting a payment.

When should I create an invoice?

Within 1 week of payment. We look through the newest entries first to verify payment ID info. If your invoice is older it might not be considered fresh enough to be matched for the payment and you risk delaying payment.

What if I always get paid the same amount? Do I need to create an invoice?
We still suggest creating an invoice, especially if you are new to Bitwage. Once we can ensure your payments come through with proper ID information you do not need to make them as frequently. 

Who should create invoices?

Contractors/freelancers getting paid by clients or employees expensing their employers.