How do I pay my workers by credit cards or ACH debit?

Debit and credit payments are not available to new users, unless you are a Hubstaff user. If you're a Hubstaff user, please contact us at to get set up. If not, please process some payments through push methods (WIRE, ACH Bank credit) and then let us know to activate debit and credit cards based on your payment history.

Once you are approved, follow these steps to pay from your company admin account:

1) Go to the top right menu under your company name, select Settings.

2) Go to funding accounts and add your bank or credit card. If you choose to add a bank, you will log into your bank's account through Plaid to have the information added automatically.

3) When your account is added, open up the sub menu (three dots) and select it as your default.

4) Now go to the Payrolls page and when you create a payment it will automatically be charged to your default method. To pay via another method, make sure to change your payment method before creating a payroll.

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