When will my money arrive?

This article provides a comprehensive overview of the processing timeline for Bitwage.


Q: How long does it take to receive my funds?

A: This depends on many factors including the method your client/employer sent your funds, when your payment is marked received, your subscription with Bitwage (premium, non premium, Bitwage Business), and your allocations.  Below you will find typical timelines but please consult the Timeline of Processing below to better understand your specific timeframe.


Q: When will Bitwage show my payment as received?

A: Bitwage starts every business day by marking payment received. All wire payments must arrive by 12PM EST in order to be marked received. ACH payments are available the business day following arrival. Once marked received you will be able to see your payment as "Received" at the bottom of your user dashboard. 

If you are concerned about a payment not arriving to Bitwage, please submit an inquiry to support using this form.


Q: Once received, when will Bitwage send my payment?

A: Individual Premium users will have payment process and sent same day. Non premium Individuals and Bitwage Business Employees will have their payments processed and send the following business day. Crypto payments will arrive the same day as being processed, payments sent to bank accounts will arrive the following business day of being released.


Q: What if I don't receive my payment and it says fulfilled?

A: If your payment status is fulfilled, and you don't receive your funds in your bank account or wallet the following business day, please contact support@bitwage.com.

Timeline of Processing:

  1. Arrival - Your employer sends your payment to Bitwage. Depending on the payment method this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. 
    1. Domestic Wires generally arrive the same day
    2. ACH Payments and International Wires can take a few days to arrive
  2. Marked Received - Every day we go through all new arrivals and mark them received. At this point you will see your payment as "Received" in your dashboard.
    1. ACH Payments are not available to us to be marked received till they have settled in our account, which is typically the business day following arrival.
    2. Wires are available upon receipt, but must arrive before 12 PM EST to be marked received. Wires received after the cut-off will be marked received the following business day.
  3. Processing - At this point we will make all trades, conversions, and exchanges
    1. Individual Premium Subscribers will be processed the same business day as marked received.
    2. Non Premium and Bitwage Business Employees's are processed the business day following being marked received.
  4.  Released and Fulfilled - This is the stage where we send the funds to your desired allocations. 
      1. Crypto Wallets will receive their funds within a few hours of being released
      2. Banks Accounts will show the funds arrive the business day following release