My employer/client's payment is not showing in Bitwage

Do you feel your payment is missing or delayed? Here are the steps to submit a request for checking the status of your payment.

  1. First, please consult our article on the timeframe for payment processing. Keep in mind your dashboard will not instantly reflect your payment's arrival. First it must be marked received, which could happen the business day following arrival.
  2.  If you determine your payment should have been marked received, please ask for a receipt of the transaction from your employer. This allows us to make sure the funds were sent correctly and has useful information for tracking.
    • The receipt should include:
      • Name of Sender
      • Date Sent
      • Amount
      • Trace Number for Transaction
  3. Once you have a receipt please submit an inquiry to support using this form. If you are unable to obtain a receipt go ahead and submit as much of the information above as possible.