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Getting Started as Employee/Contractor on Bitwage

This article lets you know what to expect during the sign-up process and the stages you will be going through in order to set up account and get paid!

How long does sign-up take?

  • From Sign-Up to being ready to Payment Ready can take as little as 10-15 minutes if all materials are on hand 

What do I need to sign-up?

  • Government issued ID
  • Valid Tax ID

How do I get started?

  1. Sign-Up and create user profile: Secure your account by verifying your email and SMS. 
  2. Get Onboarded. During onboarding we'll ask for your employment type and some personal details for ID verification. Once your information is verified, you'll be officially approved to use Bitwage!
  3. Set up your account: This is when you let Bitwage know who will be paying you and where you want your money sent! 
  4. Send bank details to employer/clients: Once that's done employees will send updated bank details to their employers and contractors can generate invoices for their clients.

And that's it! You're now ready to get paid on Bitwage. 



Getting Started Picture Guide

Below you will find the picture guide for getting started. We'll walk you through all the steps, from setting up your account to receiving your payments hassle-free.

Creating User Profile:

1. Once you have clicked "Sign-Up" you will directed to a page where you choose our product for Worker or Business. For our purposes we are choosing Worker.

2. Fill out your name, email, and password to create login credentials. Be sure to make a better password than the example! Click create account.

3. You will be prompted to verify your email. Go ahead and check you inbox where you should find an email from support@bitwage.com with a button to verify. If this button doesn't work please paste in the link provided in the email. Remember to check your Spam folder if you cannot find our email. 

5. Upon entering the correct code you will have created your user profile and secured your account! Next step - Onboarding

Onboarding/ID Verification:

In these steps you will provide your employer name and verify your ID as part of our compliance process.

1. The first information we need is your employment type: contractor or employee? Employees are typically salaried, may have benefits, and tax is withheld by their employer. Contractors usually receive payments with no tax withheld. Depending on your answer you will be asked for Client Name or Employer Name

2. Once you have input this information you will be asked for some identification information such as your address and Tax ID or SSN. This information is used for our compliance department and is required by federal law for those receiving payrolls from the US, EU, CA or UK. More information on our security policy can be found here.

3. The next step is uploading documents for the final stage of ID verification. The screens will prompt you through the necessary uploads. These can be taken on the spot with your phone or desktop/laptop or you can upload photos.

4. After you have uploaded your documents you may be instantly verified (congratulations!) or you may see a screen that says awaiting verification. Not to worry if you get that awaiting verification screen! This just means your applications will need a little extra review. In some cases our compliance department will reach out to you directly in the next 1 to 3 business days to request any supporting documentation.

At this point you can start setting up your account, even if you are awaiting verification!

Complete Set-Up:

Almost ready to get paid! During account set-up you will complete your employer/client information and set your allocations. Your allocations are the destinations you choose for your deposits. More info on them here: What are allocations?

1. Navigate to "Complete Setup"

2. Add employer/client info - Depending on if you are a contractor or employee you will now enter your employer or client information. This helps us know who you will be expecting payments from and in what currency so we can provide the correct bank details for you.

Adding a Bank Account

a. Select Country of Bank Account

b. Enter Bank Account Details and click "Verify Bank Account." This will prompt a code sent to your phone number on file to verify.

Adding a Cryptocurrency Wallet

a. Select cryptocurrency from dropdown. 

b.  Enter your address and click "Verify Cryptocurrency Wallet." Then enter SMS code sent to phone.

4. Allocate your Income using Slider - the slider lets us know your desired ratios going to your destinations. You can also change these later under the "Bank Accounts and Wallets" tab from your Bitwage homepage.

Almost ready to get paid!

  • Now that we know where you want the money sent, you will need to let your employers or clients know the bank details for sending payments to us.

  • For Employees - Upon completing account set-up a pop up will appear with bank details and a voided check to forward to your employer.

    • You can also access these details at anytime by going to Payroll > Employers and then clicking "View" under Bank Details

  • For Contractors - Once you have completed set-up you will be able to generate an invoice. This invoice will have the bank details for your clients.

    • To generate an invoice go to Invoicing > Create Invoice. You have the option to email this directly to your employer or download as a PDF for your own files if you do not wish to email the invoice. Generating invoices is very important for letting us know you are expecting a payment.

  • For more information on creating invoices please visit: Creating an Invoice